The tin-whistle is one of the most popular instruments in and from Ireland and its used in all Celtic music styles. Itís a very simple flute, in this simplicity lays its charm. It is also a ductile flute and can be used to play vibrant dances and melancholic or love airs.

Gustavo Fuentes has been playing the tin-whistle from his first contact with Celtic music more than 25 years ago and is one of the most renowned tin-whistle teachers in Argentina.

Repertoire for Singers

This repertoire for singers classes set is meant for professional or amateur singers who wish to learn and interpret Celtic folk songs. Soon enough they will find themselves with their own singing repertoire based on their own likes and customized to their own singing way. Different languages phonetics, expression and tones are a few examples of the concepts that are covered in the classes.

Celtic Music Appreciation Course for Listeners

The best way of appreciate any music style is getting knowledge about it. This is the main purpose of this course; itís about getting closer to Celtic music through the hearing of live instruments and pieces recorded by different artists as well as watching video clips. This course is meant for anyone who enjoys Celtic music and wishes to acquire new elements to enjoy it even more.

The core idea of the course is to know the aesthetics and the background of the main artists and performers of Celtic music from the countries where it was originated, to appreciate the key sound, formal and execution elements of the traditional instruments and to know the most popular songs of each region.


Please contact Gustavo Fuentes at fuentes@yahoo.com.ar with any questions or about taking classes.